Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love Lost

Can you tell me where my days went,
Bright with summer sun,
Can you tell me where my heart rests,
Now that its buried in the ground.

My wandering soul has been left all alone,
With nothing to grasp but despair,
My eyes can no longer see beauty,
For my joy has gone away from here.

Dear how can you say that you loved me,
When all that you did was depart,
With this void that was once where you rested,
Now a memory deep in the heart.

Some nights all alone I can feel you,
A wandering ghost in the hall,
When I cry out to you do you hear me,
Or leave me to drown in your call.

So I think of the days that are remaining,
While my coffee grows cold in my hands,
Its warmth as fleeting as a moment,
And life I can no longer stand.